About brian


Brian started writing songs in the form of poems and later added the melodies as he became proficient on guitar. "I wanted to sing songs that people could relate to," Brian says, "and that's what country music did for me. It gave me the opportunity to sing about my own life experiences and to see that it touched people who had a similar experience." So, once exposed to country music at a big time level, the true feelings of Brian Mabry came out and he has never looked back.


Brian's first public appearance happened by chance when a friend who was singing at a show got laryngitis and asked Brian to sing a few songs. He was such a hit that his friends encouraged him to continue singing and the rest is history.


It was about this same time that a young man named Garth Brooks emerged and took the world by storm. Garth's performances reminded Brian of the antics of some of his hard rock heroes but the voice and music were country. To Brian, Garth Brooks seemed to be the perfect act - an act that could perform at a high energy level and yet be singing country songs that had meaning. Brian Mabry had found a niche in country music that suited his every style of singing and performing.


Over the past few years, Brian has been performing in nightclubs, fairs and festivals around West Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisianna, & Georgia.


Brian has recorded & released a new EP Album in 2015 with a mix of acoustic music as well as full band production. He also recorded a seven-song project in Nashville with producer Dick McVey that has been receiving accolades from fans and radio stations. "The Dawg" radio, 97.3 FM in LaFayette, Louisiana interviewed Brian and played the CD on air in conjunction with a show Brian did at Cowboys Nightclub there. He was also a guest on ABC affiliate KATC TV channel 3 during their evening newscast.


Brian has been featured at fundraisers for The American Cancer Society, The Nashville Palace, Casino Aztar, as well as other well known venues. Now that Brian has built a regional fan base he hopes to take his show to the next level, he is currently seeking bookings on a national and international scale.


"We have proven we have a show that people will come and see and we want to get out to as many places as we can," Brian states.